At Axcelis, innovation never sleeps. At Axcelis, we're committed to making semiconductor manufacturing more productive everyday. Whether that means developing a new process, designing a new piece of technology, or optimizing our business systems - we're focused on propelling innovation to new heights. Here are a few examples of this dedication going on across the company right now.

Powering A Hand Held Revolution

Powering a hand held revolutionThe convergence of high performance, low power and ever small device size has created significant device fabrication challenges. Revolutionary IC designs and novel materials have raised the bar on performance, power efficiency, integration and reliability for products that are becoming increasingly intelligent, interconnected and instrumented. Axcelis has leveraged its beamline expertise to improve device performance and yield, paving the way for the next generation. One of the biggest challenges chipmakers face today,as they strive to deliver greater functionality, higher speed, and smaller dimensions, is the issue of leakage current. The Optima HDx architecture provides a simple solution to minimize this problem that competing ribbon-beam technologies cannot replicate. Our unique solution combines maximum dose rates, inherently found in its spot beam technology, with proprietary wafer temperature control during implantation. This process, known as ‘cold implant' reduces leakage and enhances the performance of the device. The Optima HDx delivers this performance with a simple, low cost and highly reliable design, providing a significant advantage over more complex and costly competing designs. And, existing Optima HD systems can be easily upgraded in the field to the performance levels of the Optima HDx model, complete with all the new device performance enhancing engineering technology.

The Fast Shall Be First

The fast shall be firstThere is a direct connection between the time to high volume production and profitability in semiconductor manufacturing. Stay ahead of schedule with accelerated installation and qualification of your equipment with a unique program, 1st Silicon Engineer. The program provides a dedicated service expert, with only one goal – getting your equipment online, in spec and ready to manufacture. This expert will manage the install, start-up, diagnosis and repair of your Axcelis equipment. The 1st Silicon engineer also acts as a liaison with fab staff - coordinating technical, operational, maintenance and administrative issues. Additionally, they will integrate Axcelis' expertise and best known methods with yours to create a collaborative solution to achieve your first silicon goals.

Manufacturing On The Move

Manufacturing on the MoveReduce cycle time and increase operational efficiency with Axcelis Merge-in-Transit, which integrates, assembles and tests systems in the fab. Our world class operations team is developing a new process that we call "merge-in-transit," in which fully tested system modules will be shipped directly from our suppliers to our customers, or nearby staging areas, for final assembly – completely bypassing our factory floor in Beverly, Mass.

Although very different from the conventional manufacturing paradigm, merge-in-transit in many ways is simply an extension of the "ship-from-cell" manufacturing strategy that Axcelis began using nearly a decade ago. The ship-from-cell process starts with us assembling ion implant and wafer cleaning systems into five or six separate modules. After extensive testing and careful packaging under clean room conditions in our own factory, we ship the modules to customers' facilities for final assembly. Today, ship-from-cell accounts for the majority of Axcelis' total shipments. We estimate that it saves our customers five to seven weeks of factory cycle time, while also reducing labor costs. We expect the new merge-in-transit to eventually deliver even greater savings on labor, logistics and shipping costs and even faster deliveries to our customers.