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The Purion H is Axcelis’s next generation single wafer high current implanter.  As a member of the Purion ion implanter family, the Purion H ushers in a new era of yield-enabling ion implant technology.  The Purion H was designed to provide customers with an unprecedented level of process flexibility to address the modern challenges of the transition to 3D devices.  All Purion ion implanters feature the platform’s four common proprietary technology differentiators; Purion Contamination Shield, Purion Vector Dose and Angle Control System, Purion 500WPH endstation and t


The Purion XE next generation single wafer high energy implanter is the second tool in the expanding family of Purion ion implanters. An evolution of the industry leading Optima XEx, the Purion XE combines the process and productivity advantages of the Optima XEx linear accelerator and beamline technology with the reliability, precision, process flexibility, and performance options that define the Purion platform.


The Purion M is the only low energy, medium current ion implanter for all channel engineering applications in the low dose and mid dose regimes.


Axcelis' medium current implant product line gives customers the flexibility, precision and productivity for the widest array of low energy, mid dose applications, especially well, channel and HALO processes. The platform utilizes a patented angular energy filter, providing an exceptionally pure beam to ensure maximum performance while eliminating all forms of energy contamination.


Axcelis Technologies sets the standard for innovation in high energy implant technology, with the world's largest installed base and leading market share. The product line delivers the industry's highest productivity, superior reliability and lowest total cost for high volume production. Together, they are the only complete high energy solution capable of addressing all traditional and emerging high energy application requirements.


Axcelis' high current implant product line covers the entire spectrum of high dose ion implant applications, including planar and 3D devices.  All of our products are designed to provide you the highest level of productivity with the lowest cost of ownership. In addition, they provide maximum process versatility and extendibility to future technology nodes, to optimize the return on your equipment investment.


Summit XT

The Summit XT is a single-wafer, hot-wall rapid thermal processing system that delivers inherently uniform, stable processing from <300°C to 1200°C. The system covers a broad range of advanced thermal processing needs for transistor formation in and beyond the 65nm technology node, including anneals for: ultra shallow junction formation, dry oxidation, nickel silicide, shallow trench isolation (STI) oxides and titanium nitride (TiN) densification.


The RapidStrip 210 is ideally suited for small substrate size applications in the MEMS, LED, and packaging markets, and offers the most cost effective means of adding incremental capacity to your fab on a modern, production proven platform. Designed for 75mm to 200mm substrates, the system features RapidStrip downstream microwave plasma source and process chamber technology. RapidStrip 210 uses advanced system control software to provide exceptional level of productivity and reliability.


The RapidStrip 320 dual-chamber, dry strip system provides reliable and repeatable 300mm resist strip processing at the lowest capital and operating cost. RapidStrip tools are qualified for production on technology nodes down to 28nm.

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