Enabling Ion Implantation Technology

Axcelis is recognized around the world as a leader in ion implantation with thirty five years of innovation and technology leadership. We manufacture a complete line of high current, high energy and medium current implanters for semiconductor device manufacturers worldwide. Our ion implanters support the ever growing global demand for semiconductors by enabling the production of the most advanced device technologies, planar or 3D.


Axcelis’ next generation common implanter platform, the Purion offers the most advanced ion implantation technology available today.  On this platform, we’ve built the industry’s first complete implant product solution designed specifically for advanced planar and 3D devices while providing the most flexible and productive manufacturing capability for your fab. The systems’ common cross-product platform architecture is designed to drive manufacturing flexibility and lower the total cost of fab operations. Common elements include the advanced scanned spot beam architecture, the Purion 500wph end station, the Purion Contamination Shield™ Defense System, the Purion Vector ™dose and angle control system, and the industry leading Eterna™ ELS source technology. The Purion product family includes the Purion M™ medium current implanter, the Purion H™ high current implanter, and the Purion XE™ high energy implanter.  

The Power of Purion:
The platform redefines the ion implanter application space, delivering unmatched purity, precision and productivity to enhance customers’ device performance and yield. 

  • Purity: Device yield is influenced by the presence of contaminants in the beamline.  The Purion Contamination Shield increases device yield by reducing particles and metals while eliminating energetic contamination.
  • Precision: Device yield depends on the ability to put dopants in exactly the right place and at the right concentration, consistently. The platform’s advanced scanned spot beam with the Purion VectorTM dose and angle control system delivers the implant precision and repeatability required by the most advanced device technologies.
  • Productivity: Beam tune time, quantity of beam current and speed of the wafer handling are the key factors for productivity. Scanned spot beams are inherently faster to tune and easier to transport the highest quantity of beam to the wafer. The platform’s superior beam current performance combined with the PurionTM 500wph end station provides the industry’s highest productivity.

We've Got You Covered

For niche ion implantation applications or applications that don’t require the most advanced implanter technology, semiconductor manufacturers can also rely on Axcelis to provide a full suite of 200 and 300mm products designed to add process capabilities and boost your manufacturing capacity.  Our full product line includes the Optima HDx, designed for high dose and damage engineering applications, the Optima XEx and Paradigm XE high energy implanters, and the GSD family of high current and high energy implanters. Acquiring these products through an OEM like Axcelis directly minimizes costs and risks associated with used product purchases.