The Paradigm XE high energy, 300mm multi wafer platform offers the full range of implant energies matched to meet the changing needs of advanced logic and memory manufacturing.

  • Broad Energy Range. Through the use of its RF linear accelerator technology, the Paradigm XE provides flexibility for full applications coverage, including retrograde and deep well implants, low energy channel implants, and triple wells. The system covers the essential energy range of 10 keV-4.0 MeV.
  • Most Reliable Accelerator. Utilizes the reliable production proven RF Linear Accelerator technology, the with world's largest installed base and benchmark performance levels of >90% uptime.
  • Superb Process Control. Delivers unmatched beam purity with triple filtration through the beamline as well as real-time dose control system enabling uniform, repeatable doping. In addition, the Paradigm XE's Low Pedestal Angle Disk enables precise repeatable low-tilt implants.
  • Maximum Productivity and Fab Bay Efficiency. Ultra-efficient chaining and rapid-tuning capabilities boost productivity, with throughputs up to 225 wph and superior fab bay efficiency.