The Optima MDx is the only low energy, medium current ion implanter for all channel engineering applications in the low-dose and mid-dose regimes. The single wafer productivity-driven platform covers traditional medium current processes as well as emerging low energy mid-dose HALO implants and sub-MeV Well Implants.

  • Broad Energy Coverage. 0.5keV to 1MeV energy range covers a wide operating space, allowing versatility for production runs and advanced R&D on 2Xnm devices.
  • Pure Beamline: Pencil beam optics, electrostatic scanning and beam parallelizing lens deliver pure and productive low energy performance
  • Maximize Yield. In-situ angle measurement and control capability protects against yield loss
  • Boosts Productivity. Precise angle control enables throughputs of 350wph at 300mm.
  • Zero Energy Contamination. Patented angular energy filter eliminates all forms of energy contaminants.

Optima MDx