The Purion H is Axcelis’s next generation single wafer high current implanter.  As a member of the Purion ion implanter family, the Purion H ushers in a new era of yield-enabling ion implant technology.  The Purion H was designed to provide customers with an unprecedented level of process flexibility to address the modern challenges of the transition to 3D devices.  All Purion ion implanters feature the platform’s four common proprietary technology differentiators; Purion Contamination Shield, Purion Vector Dose and Angle Control System, Purion 500WPH endstation and the Eterna ELS source.  The Purion common technology is designed with customer’s requirements for more precise dopant placement, enhanced electrical performance and better yield. 

  • Industry Leading Purity. Unique 5-Filter beamline delivers unmatched beam purity for low variability and defects for maximum process yield.
  • Industry Leading Precision. Enhanced spot beam technology to deliver the most precise dose, angle and dose rate on all points of the wafer for the tightest process control for improved device performance.
  • Industry Leading Productivity. Leading high current productivity via the industry’s highest beam currents, quickest tune times and industry’s fastest 500WPH end station.

Purion H - 3D model