The Purion XE next generation single wafer high energy implanter is the second tool in the expanding family of Purion ion implanters. An evolution of the industry leading Optima XEx, the Purion XE combines the process and productivity advantages of the Optima XEx linear accelerator and beamline technology with the reliability, precision, process flexibility, and performance options that define the Purion platform.

  • Industry Leading Purity. Proprietary LINAC technology inherently filters out impurities. Ions with the wrong mass, wrong species or wrong charge state are automatically eliminated for optimized yield.
  • Industry Leading Precision. Horizontal and Vertical in-situ measurement and correction coupled with constant focal length scanning deliver the most precise and repeatable dopant placement available today
  • Industry Leading Productivity Utilizes the production proven RF Linear Accelerator (LINAC) technology providing customers with the industry’s broadest energy range and highest beam currents.  Coupled with the market leading >500WPH Purion end station, the Purion XE provides >2X the productivity of competing high energy systems.
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership. Utilizing the production proven RF LINAC technology coupled with the Eterna ELS source, the Purion XE provides customers with the highest levels of reliability while maintaining the lowest total cost of operation.

Purion XE