At Axcelis' Advanced Technology Center in Beverly, Massachusetts, our onsite IC technology experts will provide your technicians and engineers with the focused, hands-on training they need to keep your implant processes up and running with minimum downtime and optimal productivity.

The University Model: Learn, Do, Learn

We've structured our curriculum according to the university model, based on the principle of "Learn, Do, Learn," where students perform a series of tasks, practice these tasks on the job until they achieve mastery, then return to our classrooms to build on their experience. Geared towards specific development levels and task sets, our modular courses maximize student retention by allowing them to focus on one task set at a time.


Our e-Classrooms enable students to experience hands-on learning like never before. Virtual tours of our equipment are shown with full color animation, video and sound so students can see inter-relationships between assemblies right in the classroom. We also provide computers for in-class note taking and a CD-ROM with all course material and their notes conveniently appended to pages they've specified during class. Our e-Classrooms help students learn quickly and maximize their retention.

Computer Based Training

Each system we ship includes Operator Interface Computer Based Training (OI CBT). OI CBT uses video, text and animation to demonstrate concepts and includes instructor feedback in the form of pre-selected quizzes. At the end of every chapter is a self-study review, which is tied to the final exam. With OI CBT, students can study at their own pace and repeat the learning experience on demand.

On-site Training

Custom training sessions can be held at your site. Led by Axcelis' expert service engineers, on-site training gives your employees real-time opportunities to learn as they work. At your request, new employees can receive initial training while working on your equipment.