Success Defined Your Way

Axcelis offers a comprehensive range of support services to help you maximize uptime, lower cost of ownership and improve equipment efficiency. We'll work with you to select solutions that help you define success on your terms, so you have exactly the support you need where and when you need it most.

Below is an example of some of these options:

1st Silicon Engineer – Dedicated to helping you achieve your first silicon goals. Axcelis' 1st Silicon Engineer will get your Axcelis equipment on-line, in spec and ready to produce. Our 1st Silicon Engineers work with your staff to coordinate technical, operational, maintenance, and administrative issues and are accountable for equipment installations, startup, diagnosis and repair of your Axcelis systems.

Accelerated Process Qualification – Helps you expedite process transfers and process qualifications. Engineers and scientists from our worldwide applications organization will work with your team to optimize process performance and maximize the productivity of your equipment.

On-site Support Program – Axcelis offers comprehensive support packages for labor and parts management. Our engineers cover all shifts, manage maintenance activities, provide diagnostic trouble-shooting and repair services, and maintain appropriate spare and consumable parts inventory levels. We also calculate monthly usage and provide consumable parts cost reports.

Flexible Support Program – Axcelis offers customized support packages for on-call labor and parts management. With over 30 Service Offices and over 20 Parts Depots located worldwide Axcelis has the ability to have quality parts and service personnel close by to help manage your installation base.

Repair Services: Axcelis has repair shops set up in various locations across the US and Asia. Each repair shop has a list of assemblies that can be repaired and returned to your facility without the need to perform a full refurbishment to the assembly.

Refurbishment Services: Axcelis has a refurbishment shop located at its flagship clean manufacturing center in Beverly, Mass. Axcelis has the ability to refurbish customer owned assemblies, including: disks, resonators, quadrapoles, extraction electrodes, and robots. For a complete list of parts and locations, please contact your local Axcelis service team.